Accommodation space with a private room feel and electrical outlets.
No need to worry about power outages due to in-house power generation,
Toilets are nepon-style clean toilets that reuse rainwater.

Accommodation Area

The accommodation spaces at Star Observation Inn are designed with privacy in mind,
with each space partitioned off. Each space is also equipped with electrical outlets.

Common Facilities




Sleeping Bag


Electrical Outlet

Please note that room types cannot be specified at the time of reservation.

For group

Rooms will be arranged according to the number of people in your group.
Although multiple groups may be placed in the same room, they will be separated from each other.
Please rest assured that you will not be sleeping face to face with other group members.

For single

Sleeping space for one person.
This is a private room where you can relax and unwind.


for group on the 3rd floor

The large space in the attic is effectively utilized to provide a comfortable space for guests.


Public Area

A free hook and a medicine can, reminiscent of old Japan, greet guests in the lobby reception area. Both of these items date back to World War II.
We keep the dining room open until lights out at 9pm and the terrace open all day for our guests.Please feel free to eat, read, etc.
Toilets are nepon-style flushing toilets that reuse rainwater and flow with bubbles.
Please use the washbasin in the restroom to wash your face and brush your teeth.
There are no shower rooms.
The public area is for the use of all guests. Please cooperate in sharing the space.


Enjoy the spectacular view
from the 6th station of Mt.Fuji

At dawn, you can see the sunrise from the east of Lake Yamanaka.
During the day, endless blue skies and a sea of clouds spread out below.
At night, you can enjoy a star-filled sky.
There are no other mountain huts nearby so you can fully enjoy the star-filled sky.